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Both Holy Family libraries hold a wealth of information on a variety of topics. Many resources are available online.

Looking for resources concerning Educational Leadership, Literacy, or Special Education? Choose an option from the pull down menu under the Resources by Area of Study tab.

To search the online catalog for in-print materials held at either library, or for online books, click on the Find Books and Multimedia tab.

To locate videos, DVDs, and online audiovisual materials, click on the Find Books and Multimedia tab.

To locate peer reviewed, scholarly articles, click on the Find Articles tab.

To locate dissertations, click on the Dissertations tab.

Search the Internet

Be sure to analyze the content of any webpages you locate before incorporating the information into your research. For more information about evaluating webpages, see the information to the right.


Use the following criteria to evaluate the credibility of information you find on the Web. (Ask your professor if you are allowed to cite websites in your paper before you start your research.)

    Authority: What are the author's qualifications for writing on the subject?
    Accuracy: How reliable and free from error is the information?
    Objectivity: Is the information presented with a minimum of bias?
    Currency: Is the information current, and can you tell when it was published?

Check the domain (.com, .edu, .gov, .org, etc.) Some domains are restricted to certain types of organizations while others may be bought or sold by anyone. .edu & .gov are limited to educational and government organizations. There are no limitations on .com & .org. Always be aware of who is publishing the website and where the content is coming from.

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