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The Peer Review Process

  • "Peer review" is a formal process in scholarly, academic publishing; generally peer review refers to journals.
  • Once the journal's editor considers an article for publication, the editorial board, made up of experts in that field, reviews the article.
  • These experts examine and critique the article, as well as evaluate it for content, accuracy, validity, and writing style.
  • The author may be asked to revise the article before it is finally accepted for publication.


Finding a Peer Reviewed Article

All of our databases allows you to limit search results to articles that are peer reviewed. This feature is found on the main search page, usually under the topic "limit your results" as in the example below.

How do I know if a journal is scholarly?

Our databases may include articles from magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and scholarly publications. How do you know if an article is scholarly or not? Holy Family's librarians created  "Journal vs. Magazine vs. Trade Publication" that compares these types of publications. 

Some Characteristics of Scholarly or Peer Reviewed Articles

Types of scholarly articles include: literature reviews, meta-analysis, practical information, commentary, analysis of trends, and original research (both quantitative and qualitative).

Articles generally follow the same format and include most of the following features:

  • Abstract or summary of the article
  • Author's credentials, affiliation, & contact information
  • Literature review (background information; what prior research was done on topic)
  • If a research article, methodology (methods section includes types of participants, data collection methods)
  • If a research article, data may include charts, graphs, tables (quantitative studies) or patterns or themes (qualitative studies)
  • Reference list
  • Articles are generally several pages in length, and include only those illustrations which enhance the documentation of information

Sample Peer Reviewed Journal

Qualititative versus Quantitative Research

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