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Need the full article?

Our databases include abstracts (summaries) and selected full text of articles. Our databases are generally linked to each other and to our full text subscriptions. If the item record does not include a link to the full text, you can also check the Journal Locator to see if it is available at Holy Family. 

Locating Articles in the Research Databases

Holy Family subscribes to a number of scholarly, academic databases that index, organize, and summarize thousands of articles. Articles can include the most recent research, hot new strategies, trends, and current information about a topic. From off-campus, members of the Holy Family community will need to log in using their username and password.

While Academic Search is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary database, we subscribe to other subject specific databases that can be helpful as well. Be sure to read each database description carefully to be sure the database meets your specific research needs.

What is "Peer Review?"

Peer review refers to the process that journal articles must go through in order to be published in a scholarly journal. Before an article is published, it must be reviewed and critiqued by a panel of other researchers in that field. This process ensures that the highest standards of research are upheld. These articles are known as peer-reviewed or scholarly articles.

For more information about peer review, and to see a sample journal, click the Peer Review tab.

Finding a Peer Reviewed Article

All of our databases allows you to limit search results to articles that are peer reviewed. This feature is found on the main search page, usually under the topic "limit your results" as in the example below.

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