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Information Literacy


Feel free to incorporate our assignments into your coursework! No permission needed, but we'd love to know if you found something useful.

Our Initiatives

Through our initiatives at both Holy Family University Libraries, we partner with faculty to develop an information literate student. We recognize that attaining information literacy competency is a long-term process that evolves throughout a student’s academic career. 

Our initiatives are always evolving. Currently, our programs include:

* Instructing all students registered in ENGL 101 and 102 courses

* Instructing all Counseling Psychology graduate students in Professional Orientation

* Orienting and instructing all doctoral level students 

* Providing tutorials and online resources to support students in our hybrid and online courses, as well as students who wish to research independently

* By faculty request, meeting with students in upper level, major-specific classes to provide subject-specific, in-depth instruction and research support

* By faculty request, providing “embedded librarians” (i.e. ongoing research support) for students via Canvas 

How We Define an Information Literate Student

Our librarians define an information literate student as a Holy Family graduate with the ability to:

 Discern and identify information and resources that will be most useful to complete an assignment or to solve a problem

Use technical competency to effectively and efficiently locate resources and materials using the library website, research databases, Internet search engines, and services such as interlibrary loan

Critically evaluate diverse resources and materials in terms of authorship, authority, point of view, and audience, and discern which sources are useful and relevant for a given situation, assignment, or problem

Synthesize information into meaningful results through the successful completion of writing projects, presentations, and other faculty assignments

Understand the ethical implications of scholarship by engaging in discussions about intellectual property rights, plagiarism, and citation formats

Understand that information literacy is not only integral to success in academia but to successfully complete workplace assignments and to attain personal goals throughout their lifetime

Faculty: We can help!

Our librarians are happy to provide customized, in-class instruction for your students. Please fill out the faculty request form, allowing us ten day's notice so we can prepare for your classes. 


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