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Technology @ the Holy Family University Library: Google Scholar

Guide to new service features and new technology from the Holy Family University Library

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Using Scholar for Research Management

Google My Library

In November 2013, Google added a new function to Scholar which enables users to save citation and access them from the web.

There are a number of fully-featured citation management tools available to help students and researchers keep track of the articles and websites they are using to write a paper or to prepare a research project. Zotero is one of these, and you can find information about it elsewhere on this page. Google Scholar's new function is helpful because once you've enabled it, it should follow you wherever you go on the web.

Once you've activated the My Library function, your lists of search results will include the "My Library" menu option (above), and items in your results list will include a "save" option:


When you click save, you'll be able to access this article, along with the link to full text in Holy Family's online journals and databases, anytime you log in to Google Scholar. 

Google Scholar at Holy Family University

Google Scholar ( is the Google feature that limits searching to academic content such as journal and conference papers, dissertations, books and other eligible material. Google works with libraries to provide access to articles within the institiution's specific subscriptions, and users can configure their search to include links to articles that are not available on the internet.

NOTE: Holy Family library database/ejournal integration with Google Scholar should be available by default for most computers within the University's network, via IP recognition. Follow the directions below on your personal or off-campus computer to configure Google to include links to research articles from Holy Family University online journals and databases:

If you don't want to configure your Google account permanently, you can follow this link:  Google Scholar with Holy Family University Full-Text


Step 1: Access settings in google scholar. If you do this on your home computer or when signed-in to your Google email account, the setting should stick on your computer.

Step 2: Click on the Library Links menu option. There's also a setting on this page to open search results in a new window, which is handy.

Step 3: Search for Holy Family University. If you are enrolled at multiple institutions with online journal subscriptions, you can add these as well.

Step 4: check the libraries you want to see full-text access links to. Finally, click "save"

Now that you've selected Holy Family's full-text links, Google knows to add a link to search results which connect to full-text articles from journals that we have subscribed to. For instance:

Where you see the "Full Text @ Holy Family U." link in the results list, you can access the article. If you're off-campus, you'll be required to enter your username (typically the first part of your HFU email address) and your password (usually, your 7-digit HFU ID number)

If everything goes the way it's supposed to, you'll be connected to the content that you would have formerly had to search for by using a Holy Family University library database or online journal locator:

Of course, you may get some odd results, failures to connect, and other weirdness. But that's the internet for you! It's usually worth trying the link again if you get a failed link, since the connection isn't always successful the first time, but if you consistently can't connect with a particular article, let one of the library staff know by sending us an email at

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