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Genocide in the 20th century

This guide will deal with the subject of genocide and its manifestations and ramifications in the 20th century.

Genocide Journals

The following titles are available online:

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Articles are a great place to find detailed analysis of a narrow, specific topic, and can contain the most up-to-date academic thinking. Academic articles include extensive bibliographies that situate you within the scholarly discussion of your topic, and can be mined for further resources!

You'll be relieved to know that you don't have to read every word of every article you find! Rather, use the diagram below to detrmine how thoroughly you need to read an article.


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Search for journal articles in Google Scholar. If a publisher charges for an article, no need to pay a high fee! Check our Journal Locator to see if the article is available in our Research Databases. If it is not, we can get it for you through Interlibrary Loan.


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What is "peer review?"

Peer-review refers to the process that journal articles must go through in order to be published in a scholarly journal. Before an article is published, it must be reviewed and critiqued by a panel of other researchers in that field. This process ensures that the highest standards of research are upheld. These articles are known as peer-reviewed or scholarly articles.

For more information about peer review, and to see a sample journal, click the Peer Review tab.

Tips for Using Ebsco Databases

Take these tutorials to learn how to search for and retrieve the best information from Ebsco databases. Holy Family's Ebsco databases for Education include: Education Research Complete, Educational Administration Abstracts, and ERIC (through Ebsco's search interface). NOTE: Education Full Text, a WilsonWeb database, will become available through Ebsco starting February 1st, 2012.

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